Leather Care

It's a wondrous material. It can be stretched, dyed, painted, carved, and printed. It's the most luxurious, versatile medium to work with, and we want you to love your amazing leather for a very long time.

 There are 2 kinds of leather people:

a. The kind that aren't afraid to show their life story.

b. The kind that want to maintain the look of brand-new perfection.

Lover Fighter is much more in the 'life story' camp, but that doesn't mean that we don't like to treat our leathers to a good massage every once in a while. We fancy 'perfect' as being that no-fuss bag that comes along when you call it, and gets better with age. 

tips for keeping your leather happy

1. If your bag gets wet, let it dry out slowly. You were caught in that sudden downpour? Yeah, me too. Hang your bag up in the laundry room to air dry. That's right: put DOWN the hairdryer. Fast, direct heat will turn your buttery baby into something crinkly and you will cry.


2. Prevent your leather from drying out. Most leathers are treated with some sort of oil or wax to protect and condition. For good reason. Without protection, they can crack will not patina well- an untreated piece will darken in sunlight- and minimal handling with even clean hands will show. We are all about a deep rich honey patina, but to do it nice and evenly, treat your leather with a rub-down with mink oil or saddle cream, both available at the Drug Store or cobbler. Apply every season. For textured leather and suedes, use a spray conditioner several times per year.  


3. Cleaning your leather.  If your bag gets dirty, gently rub the spot using a soft, damp cloth. Patience is, as always, a virtue. Take the time to lovingly nurse your bag back to health. Using soaps and other chemicals is not recommended.  However, if you have a truly horrible stain, talk to a good dry cleaner. Yes it's true they probably will use chemicals, but um, they are special chemicals and hey, it's your special bag, right? 


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