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Are you a Lover Fighter?

Of course you are. You’re a woman which means you’re an embodiment of private complexities. We women are all many things in our own allowance of degrees, shifting and adapting to every situation. Just look: the woman in the chair over there exudes femininity and yet sits steely and calm. The one across the room, styled all gamine down to the pixie haircut but never leaves the house without a pink polish. We get to be all that in a unique mix of lovely, kind, cruel, critical, beautiful, strong, and real. 

We get to be all that in this big busy life in a unique mix of lovely, wild, bossy, delicate, silly, beautiful, strong and real. 

We are complicated. 

Our fashion choices should not add to the confusion. 

Our accessories should be worn as strengthening amulets, carefully-selected objects that make us feel powerful, calm, and confident.

There is power in simplicity. Classic shapes reign supreme, reliable through the Ages… and at the very least from hot yoga to your lunch date and then back to work.


LF began with an unabashed, straight-up love for leather. There are few natural materials that can be worked into so many delicious colours and textures. A high-quality piece of leather should only get better and better with use and age. As Leather Lovers, you know what rewards you can expect from your investment. When it comes to accessories, it’s always better to go for the higher-quality item for the long-term. 

We live in a material world, with fashion options tempting us at every turn. If only we could be more discerning, less slaves to mediocre branding and social status pieces, we could truly make the most important fashion choices that truly let our personalities shine.


Stop putting your blind faith in Michael Kors. He is NOT your friend. You can do so much better. And we know you are strong enough in your style to dare prove your fashion status with LF rather than LV.

Close your eyes and touch your new bag. It should be intuitive, easy to navigate. And solid enough for the weight of the world. 

Unique leather is sourced by hand in Paris, Milan, L.A. and Vancouver. All Lover Fighter bags are made in Vancouver, BC.



And what of the cow? Every once in a while I am asked the question, don’t I feel bad for the cow? You see, I think about using leather products in a completely different way. I see it truly as honouring the cow. The hides that are tanned are bought from cattle ranches to make the best use of as much as the animal as possible.  I have heard from ranchers that many operations do not bother with treatment of the hides, that they are thrown away. It’s that thought that haunts me, that such an incredible end-product with so much potential, so much beauty could be disposed of without a thought. And with that thought, to use leather products is to be using the ultimate up-cycled material. So up with leather! Celebrate that fact that your leather piece will be cherished, and live on in it’s beauty for decades.