Demi Cow Tote

Demi Cow Tote


Forget a Horse with no name.  This is a cow, and her name is AWESOME.

Luxurious medium-length hair, beautifully spattered with an elegant natural pattern.  Soft black backside so your clothes stay free and clean.  Zip pocket inside and 26" shoulder straps for over your coat or as a backpack style.  So elegant... and effortless.

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And now for the best-seller of the season:  the Demi Cow Tote!

Well.  That's the thing about a Horse with no Name, it has no name, and so is hard to call, I mean, reproduce.  Only eight totes can be cut from one hide, and each hide is different.  I select only hides 'in the likeness of' meaning the flecked ones, the ones which are most un-cowlike if you know what I mean.  They are so pretty!  Some are white with black flecks, the next might be black with white flecks.  The pattern in black and white is key.

Please call me or email me directly so that I can send you photos of all current stock. 

Thanks!  Joanna 604 671 1707