The Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year in Vancouver is always fun, colourful, loud and delicious.  This year we braved the cold and stood at the corner of Gore and Keefer to watch the parade.  All the bright, wonderfully-clashing costumes of animals and warriors, white gun smoke of the bangers, music, gongs, lunging dragons and lions... all against the backdrop of clean hard lines of downtown high-rise living.  A fantastic medley of visual and cultural contradictions.  Lover! FIghter!  

Making our way through the thick throng of spectators, we found our dim sum rendezvous and began ordering in earnest.  Chicken feet were loved/loathed.  Har Gow devoured.  Dish after dish of pork, mushrooms, rice, shrimp, sprouts, curd, lotus root, but alas! They were all out of snake soup.  All at once, the doors banged open and shouts erupted.  As per tradition, the mighty dragon had come to claim his standard offering of a head of lettuce left hanging in the threshold, and for a rascally tour of the kitchen, pots clanging, tail wagging, children peering and cheering....   Gung Hay Fat Choy!