Good Morning, Sunshine

After all the glitter and gluttony of December,  it really feels good to be slapped wide awake by a good old-fashioned January.  Well to be truthful, no one likes to be slapped, but we do appreciate a tasty old-fashioned Old-Fashioned these days, so there you go.  

Post-December mayhem has allowed us for some time to dig into our new digs, and we are so excited to be in our new studio/retail space in Lower Mount Pleasant!   295 W.8th.  The building is really cool- it's a charcoal-coloured, low-slung bunker who's design was inspired by Darth Vader.  Remember: Lord Vader was a lover waaay before he was a fighter...sigh.  Don't we all start that way?  

Call anytime for an appointment.

604 671 1707

Hours have not been set in stone quite yet but hopefully regular hours will find us by the end of the month.

xo Joanna